Rose Avila

What Clients say about Rose Avila...

“It is my pleasure to recommend Rose Avila at the highest level for her work with the San Diego Foundation in a strategic planning/facilitation capacity….

Rose was a high-energy, efficient and effective group leader and facilitator and always in tune with the dynamics of a very strong group of individuals, enabling creative discussion and consensus. We couldn’t have accomplished so much of our strategic planning in such a short time without her.”

Private Foundation

“Rose has been a constant and steady support during a very challenging time. Throughout the pandemic I experienced challenges I have never had to manage before. Rose was thoughtful in her approach, was easily relatable, and was always available to support me. She truly wanted the best for me and her authenticity was really apparent.” 

Rose is flexible, thoughtful, and understanding.

AVP of Clinical Services
Major Hospital

“There are not enough words to describe the benefits I have received by my association with Rose. I had no experience with setting up a business like this and she has been very patient. I would not have made it through the year without….Rose.”

President, Arts Organization

“Just a short note…to say thank you for your great efforts in facilitating the Board Retreat. Without your leading the discussion and guiding the participants, it would not have been anywhere near successful. You are terrific.”

Executive Board Member

“Rose was very effective. She was instrumental in giving us the ability to achieve goals that had been impossible to achieve before.”

Business Executive

“Rose, how can I ever thank you! Yesterday’s workshop was incredibly productive and let all of us who were there recommit our energies to the project ahead of us….If you needed a reference for your resume, you clinched it yesterday–it was readily apparent, though, that you know what you’re doing and do it very well!”

Executive Director

“Rose is an exceptional coach with clear insight and the ability to prod the “thinking process”. She helped me to reach out and challenge myself to make difficult and important decisions…always exploring possibilities. During the past year, I worked with Rose during a difficult time personally and professionally and she helped get over some important hurdles.”

CEO, Small Business

“For those of you who have been lucky enough to work with Rose Avila, you know how her artsy style and probing questions can turn your world upside down. Rose has acted as a consultant with numerous arts organizations digging down to the root of their issues and guiding them through the process of resolution.

This year alone, Rose has worked with La Jolla Music Society, facilitated self-explorative exercises at the League’s latest business volunteers for the Arts (BVA) training, and is consulting on a board retreat for Classics for Kids. She frequently goes above and beyond her commitment on BVA projects and has even acted as an ongoing advisor to Street of Dreams upon completion of their BVA project. Rose guides arts organizations to look inward at their mission, passion and the process involved in taking art from an idea to an applauding audience. Her personal investment in helping arts organizations run as better businesses is priceless to San Diego.”

Article on Rose Avila, STAR Awardee
San Diego Performing Arts League

“Rose’s work is excellent. She has a talent working with small business owners and is able to get them to see and move beyond their original expectations.”

Senior Vice President,
Small Business Financial Institution

“Rose is wonderful…professional, direct, kind, and focused. The content is clear, concise, and fast-paced….”

Workshop Participant