Free Positive Intelligence Saboteur Assessment

What's a Saboteur?

Saboteurs are the voices in your head that generate stress and negative emotions. They affect the way you handle challenges with both work and everyday life. They sabotage your potential for both happiness and performance.

We all have these voices. They act as a negative influence that inhibits peak performance.  As you identify, and categorize your saboteurs, you enhance your awareness and begin to develop your Mental Fitness for improved self-regulation. 

The Free Saboteur Assessment

Your Saboteur Assessment will help you discover your saboteurs. And to understand how you are most likely to be highjacked or negatively triggered.  You’ll gain added insights into how they affect your Mental Fitness.

Use the Red Button below to start the 5-minute survey.  After you complete the survey, you will receive an email with a link to your results. 

Rose Avila

PQ Coach 

Sample Saboteur Ranking Chart

Learn the 9 Ways We Self Sabotage and How They Apply to You

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