For emerging women leaders, navigating the complexities of Conflict effectively can feel dauting. Whether it’s a disagreement with a colleague, a client or a work-life balance struggle, Conflict is real and even messy.  The good news is that it can also be an opportunity for growth and positive change.

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Communication is Key

Before diving into any Conflict, examine your communication style. Are you listening effectively?   Do you truly hear another person’s perspective and are you asking clarifying questions to ensure understanding. As Stephen Covey said, “Seek first to understand.”

Your clear and assertive communication is equally important. How do you express your needs and concerns?  Do you avoid accusatory language and judging personalities? Focus on the issue at hand.

Choose Your Battles

Disagreements are inevitable; some are worth addressing more than others. Ask yourself: Does this Conflict directly impact achieving a goal?  Is it causing a toxic work environment?  If the answer is no, consider letting it go. Focus your energy on Conflicts that truly matter.

The Conflict Toolkit

There are a variety of approaches to resolving Conflict. Consider:

Build a Culture of Respect

As a woman leader, when faced with a Conflict, demonstrate openness, positive communication, and the problem-solving skills you want to see in your team. Remember, your behavior sets the tone for your entire organization. You can build a positive culture and conquer Conflict!