Advice to Women Executives in Social Services Sector: Lead with Your Heart and Your Head

Women Executives in Social Services Sector wear many hats!  Strategists. Fundraisers, Cheerleaders, Champions for their Cause.  At the heart of it all, they are Organizational Leaders.  Effective leadership in the Non-Profit World is about achieving results and sustainability, and it’s also about inspiring others to join the Mission, driving toward the Non-Profit’s Vision, and making a Real Difference.

silhouette of woman doing heart sign during sunset

How Do You Get There? 

Here are some suggestions on how to create a lasting impact:

Know Why you are Involved in Your Non-Profit and Define What Success means to You

  • What drives your passion for your cause? 
  • Step back.  Connect with your own purpose.
  • Define Success for you, in your own terms. (This fuels your resilience for the hard times and inspires those around you to get involved.)

Embrace Vulnerability

  • Authenticity  Sharing your own struggles and triumphs allows your team to connect with you on a deeper level. 
  • Transparency builds trust.

Empower your Team

  • Hire the most talented individuals you can afford and trust them to do their jobs. 
  • Provide structure and guidance
  • Train them to make decisions
  • Encourage them to take ownership.

Celebrate Wins. Recognition Motivates

  • Set goals and measure achievements.
  • Celebrate milestones, big and small
  • Communication is key.
    • Keep your team informed, engaged, and energized.  

Prioritize your Own Self-care

  • Make time for activities that nourish your mind, body, and spirit. 
  • Stay positive and manage negative mind chatter. 
  • A healthy leader creates a stronger team.

Champion Other Women

  • We rise by lifting others.  Mentor other women executives, advocate for their advancement
  • Build a strong network of support

Remember, as Melinda Gates will tell you:

“Philanthropy is much more than charity; it is an aspect of the community that drives long-lasting change.” 

Leading with your heart and your head means combining passion for a cause with business organization, strategic thinking, clear communication, empathy for yourself, others, and situations as well as a commitment to your team and to excellence.  A thriving Non-Profit solves Problems and makes a Difference in the World.